Exit Event: August 28, 2015
With New Jars & Bars, Big Spoon Roasters Readies for Nut Butter Empire Expansion
“We’ll never compromise quality for any reason, as doing so would defeat the whole purpose of our business, which is to create the best possible version of every food we make,” Overbay wrote. That mission is so unique and inspiring, that the national Good Food Awards added its first “Pantry” category this year just to include Overbay and entrepreneurs like him.


Indy Week: August 26, 2015
Try Big Spoon Roasters’ New Energy Bar
It’s soft and chewy, with pockets of crunch. It’s sweet, with the apricots sitting alongside bits of chocolate, and a little spicy, as though a dab of pepper had been dropped into the mixer. I wanted to keep working out just so I could have another.


Real Simple: August 11, 2015
Need in Your Pantry: Big Spoon Roasters Espresso Nut Butter
A partnership with Counter Culture Coffee gave rise to this not-too-sweet offering made from espresso, fresh-roasted almonds, raw wildflower honey, and sea salt. Slather on a toasted English muffin to get a jump on your daily grind.

Cooking Light: August 13, 2015
Good Food: Big Spoon Roasters Almond Cocoa Butter
Amongst recipes like Peanut Cashew and Chai Spice Nut Butter, the Almond Cocoa Butter stands out as a mix of Mission almonds and roasted cacao nibs, with a touch of North Carolina wildflower honey, organic dark chocolate and sea salt.


Men’s Journal: May 26, 2015
The Best All-Natural Peanut Butters
Perhaps the current king of small batch nut roasters, Durham, NC’s Big Spoon makes a peanut butter that is heavy on the roast and just about perfect on the honey and sea salt. The small, charmingly designed jars of must-stir butters are packed with a butter the consistency of brownie batter, crunchy and sweet but with the spotlight shining straight on a perfectly roasted peanut.


Culture: June 2, 2015
Pairing Nut Butter and Cheese
Big Spoon Roasters’ Chai Spice Nut Butter: Ready to take your pairing prowess to the next level? A variety of nut butters featuring the piquant notes of ginger, cinnamon, black pepper, and cloves make a playful bite alongside especially fruity and creamy cheeses.


Southern Living Magazine
Southern Living: June 2015
The Southern Living Food Awards
Mission Almond Butter: A three-ingredient nut butter that blends wildflower honey and sea salt with heirloom Mission almonds, which are creamier and richer than regular almonds.


Tasting Table logo
Tasting Table: March 30, 2015
Five Toast Toppings to Try Now
Big Spoon Roasters Chai Nut Butter: Adding the warm spices of chai (cardamom, clove, ginger, cinnamon, vanilla) to hearty peanut and almond butter may seem like it’s going to be overkill, but it works: Each of the components is present in each bite, but they don’t overpower one another. Every jar is made to order, so give the Durham roasters a week to send yours to your door.


Imbibe: November/December 2014
Holiday Gift Guide
Coffee Nut Butter: The classic PB&J gets a caffeine boost with this Counter Culture bean-infused butter from North Carolina-based Big Spoon Roasters.


Bon Appetit: November 11, 2014
How Big Spoon Roasters Makes Some of the Country’s Best Nut Butter
Welcome to Out of the Kitchen, our ongoing exploration of America’s coolest food artisans. Over the next few months, we’re apprenticing with the best knife forgers, cider brewers, and spice blenders, then bringing their knowledge and expertise back to our home kitchens—and to yours. Our first profile is Durham, NC’s Mark Overbay and his Big Spoon Roasters.


Bon Appetit: November 2014
Our favorite almond butter, Big Spoon Roasters Mission Almond Butter has intense flavor and crunchy-creamy texture. It’s subtly sweet and salty, so it works equally well in a sandwich with banana or alt-hummus.


Food & Wine Magazine: September 2014
10 Objects of Our Obsession
Almond Ginger Butter… My favorite new morning snack; slices of Honey Crisp apple dipped into Big Spoon Roasters’ almond butter studded with candied ginger.


Prevention Magazine: September 2014
Hottest Packaged Food Trends
Big Spoon Roasters’ Almond Brazil Butter: Outside of the mixed nut tin, the Brazil nut hasn’t had an outsized influence. But we’re loving its new all-spread-out look.


Taste of the South Magazine
Taste of the South Magazine: August 2014
Taste 50: The Best in Southern Food
These handcrafted, small-batch nut butters are ground in Durham, North Carolina, and use ingredients from local farmers. Trust us: Your PB&Js will never be the same.


Southwest Airlines Spirit Magazine: March 2014
The Food Network: Art and craft aren’t the only way to be creative.
While working in marketing, the North Carolinian Mark Overbay decided to create made-to-order nut butters inspired by what he’d tasted as a Peace Corps Volunteer in Zimbabwe. “Freshness is paramount,” Overbay says.

Cooking Light: March 2014
Local Finds: Capturing “Freshly Ground”
Mark Overbay first tasted minutes-old nut butter un the rural Zimbabwe village where he served as a Peace Corps Volunteer. Back home in North Carolina, Overbay began roasting fresh peanuts, then grinding them between custom-made plates to mimic the texture of African nut butters.


Men’s Health: March, 2014
Spread ‘Em!
Big Spoon Roasters Peanut Cashew: Big Spoon’s handcrafted nut butters are carefully blended to have a creamy texture while retaining the crunchy bits. The North Carolina company also sells killer peanut-almond and peanut-pecan blends.


The Local Palate: January/February 2014
A La Carte: Gifts for the Savory Set
Big Spoon Roasters Peanut Pecan Butter: We don’t know what to suggest with this since we eat it out of the jar, but rumor is it makes a mean peanut sauce.


The Wall Street Journal: September 13, 2013
Build Your Best-Ever PB&J
More adventurous flavors include the spectacular chai, laced with cardamom and clove, and a peanut butter spiked with stone-ground chocolate. The silky handmade spreads are dotted with irregular nutty chunks. Sweetened with wildflower honey and seasoned with sea salt, they showcase the taste of the nuts themselves: rich, roasty and most certainly memorable.


Oprah Magazine: September, 2013
The Find: We’re Nuts for It
Chai lovers can enjoy the Indian spice blend in everything from cupcakes to coffee, but the latest – and we think greatest – incarnation is Big Spoon Roasters Chai Spice Nut Butter. Laced with piquant ginger and warm cardamom and cinnamon, the mix of peanut and almond butters is perfectly salty and just enough sweet. We like it straight from the jar.


Better Homes and Gardens: September, 2013
What We’re Loving: Better Spread
Dozens of nut butters are popping up on grocery stores, and some of the tastiest come from Big Spoon Roasters in North Carolina. Their Secret? A short, simple ingredient list of the highest quality.


well + GOOD nyc: August 28, 2013
Get out your spoon for these next generation nut butters
Founder Mark Overbay discovered the incredible flavors of handcrafted nut butters as a Peace Corps volunteer in  Zimbabwe, and decided to try to whip them up back home in North Carolina. His creations (he literally hand makes each jar) combine peanuts with almonds, cashews, or pecans, and then add a touch of sea salt and local wildflower honey. The result is an all-natural culinary product that tastes utterly amazing.


Durham Herald-Sun: July 27, 2013
Big Spoon Roasters Founder Looks to Boost Nut Butter Production
Overbay started the business out of a passion for food, its ability to connect people, and agriculture, he said. “I want Big Spoon to help support farmers and other people participating in sustainable agriculture that contribute to the products we make.”


Southern Living Magazine
Southern Living: July 2013
Raleigh and Durham
Get the best of both towns on your next trip to the Triangle: Big Spoon Roasters Peanut Almond Butter.


The Chocolate Peanut Butter Gallery: June 10, 2013
A Taste of Durham
Big Spoon Roasters tastes great, it’s natural, and it’s made with high-quality ingredients in small batches. It’s run by a very nice guy named Mark Overbay who cares deeply about flavor, nutrition and sustainability, among other things. You should read the inspiring tale behind Mark’s line of nut butters and peek at his unique flavors so that you can understand my enthusiasm for them.


Semi Sweetness: February 18, 2013
Big Spoon Roasters
There isn’t a spoon in the world big enough to shovel in the amount of Big Spoon Roasters Peanut Cashew Butter that I desire to consume into my face. I’m also keen on consuming a substantial amount of their Peanut Pecan, Peanut Almond and plain ol’ Peanut Butter – and by substantial I mean a sickening amount by most people’s standards.


The Spoon Feeds: February 7, 2013
Big Spoon Roasters: Mark Overbay
Big Spoon Roasters prides themselves on flavor, craftsmanship, and their pursuit of redefining how the production of a food product should be handled. At the foundation of each jar is flavor.


BRIDES Magazine: Winter 2013
Foodie Fun
Send your guests home with a savory – and unexpected – surprise: Big Spoon Roasters Peanut Cocoa Butter.


Endurance Magazine: November 2012
Big Spoon Roasters Peanut Butter
Big Spoon owner Mark Overbay works with local and regional peanut farmers to be a positive force for sustainable peanut agriculture and transparent marketing.


Whole Living: November 2012
On Our Wish List: Big Spoon Roasters Peanut Pecan Butter
No Jam Required: We like to eat this salty sweet mix of peanuts and pecans straight from the jar.


Nona Brooklyn: September 26, 2012
What’s Good Today: Big Spoon Peanut Butter at Greene Grape Provisions
The best day yet for me here at Greene Grape was when the first samples of Mark’s peanut butter came in. I made everyone working in the store that day taste it. I’m a peanut butter geek, and I am really excited about this peanut butter. It’s the best all-natural peanut butter I’ve ever had.


Valet Mag: August 16, 2012
The Ultimate Man’s Food
A Better Butter: Creamy, with just a hint of crunch, Big Spoon Roasters in Durham, North Carolina, produces a top notch spread made from freshly-roasted local peanuts, wildflower honey, organic coconut oil and sea salt.


SF Weekly: June 27, 2012
The Artisanal Irony
At Big Spoon Roasters in Durham, N.C., Mark Overbay, a veteran of the fair-trade coffee business, makes every batch of his locally sourced nut butters by hand.


Taste of the South: June 2012
Pigtastic Picks… what we’re lusting after.
We can’t get enough of these peanut butters from Big Spoon Roasters in Durham, North Carolina. They’re handcrafted using local wildflower honey and peanuts.


Daily Candy: March 6, 2012
Snacks to Get You From Morning to Midnight
Turn the blank canvas of sliced fruit or toast into a masterpiece with Big Spoon Roaster’s Peanut Almond Butter.


Garden & Gun: February 28, 2012
Peanut Butter and Jelly Grows Up
Big Spoon owner Mark Overbay spent a decade searching grocery shelves for the perfect peanut butter before deciding he could do better. The resulting nut butters (classic peanut and blends of peanut–pecan, almond, and cashew) are roasted and ground by hand, using local peanuts, wildflower honey, organic coconut oil, and sea salt.


Bon Appetit: February, 2012
The Dixie Pantry: Our Favorite Southern Food Products
Local runner peanuts, wildflower honey, organic coconut oil, and sea salt make for a pitch-perfect peanut butter care of Big Spoon Roasters in Durham, NC.


Food & Wine Magazine: January 2012
Trendspotting: Small-Batch Products
From the hundreds of new small-batch products we taste every year, these are some of our recent favorites. These North Carolina nut butters are ground with local wildflower honey and nuts.


Edible Piedmont: Winter 2011/2012
Local Entertaining
Mark Overbay has put together handcrafted nut butters with nuts and honey from local and like-minded farmers. You do in fact want to grab a big spoon and eat it out of the jar.


The Independent Weekly: December 7, 2011
Do you feel like a nut (butter)?
Overbay buys his nuts from local farmers and includes local wildflower honey (honey contains medicinal elements unique to its environment) along with a minimal amount of salt in his basic nut butter recipes.


Bon Appetit: November, 2011
Peanut Pecan Oatmeal Cookies
The big flavors of Mark Overbay’s artisanal Big Spoon Roasters nut butters inspired his partner, Megan Lynam, to create this instant favorite. The complex nuttiness comes from the addition of ground pecans to the mix.


Victus Populi: April 22, 2011
Two great new reasons to visit the Carrboro Farmers’ Market
Locally crafted nut butters blended with a beautifully brief ingredient list. Vic Pop fave, Peanut Cashew, contains peanuts, cashews, wildflower honey and sea salt. We already need a new jar.


The Bon Appetit Foodist: April 20, 2011
Nut Butter Revolution
Mark Overbay launched Big Spoon Roasters, handcrafted nut butters made from scratch in Durham, North Carolina.


The Independent Weekly: March 2, 2011
Now Serving: Big Spoon
Overbay plans to use only the freshest ingredients in his spreads, including North Carolina honey and peanuts.

Cooking Light Spotlights our Almond Cocoa Butter

Check out the profile of our Almond Cocoa Butter on Cooking Light's Food Finds blog!



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