7.5 oz glass jar of Brins Blueberry Sumac Jam

Brins Wild Blueberry Sumac

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Blueberries (wild), Cane Sugar, Lime Juice, Cured Sumac (sumac berries, salt), Pectin, Sea Salt


Our September featured jam brings together the intensified sweetness of wild blueberries with the tart, bright flavor of Turkish sumac for a balanced, sunny spread. 

Perfect for an elevated PB or AB and J, this jam is available a la carte or paired with our favorite nut butters.  Both AB&J and PB&J combinations are also available by subscription, so your favorite sandwich never grows dull. 

We’re proud to partner with our friends at Brins in our featured jam series, in part because of their commitment to using quality whole fruit and fresh spices without the use of preservatives or chemicals. Their artisan approach to innovative recipe development adds even more icing to the cake. Or in this case, jam on the muffin.