Make it a Cocktail Gift Set

Make it a Cocktail Gift Set

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For your favorite mixologist, or just the adventurous nut butter lover, our Make it a Cocktail set is the perfect gift! Featuring a curated nut butter trio and perfectly paired artisan cocktail syrups from our hometown friends at Alley Twenty-Six, this set is great for anyone—no alcohol necessary! Each set includes exclusive recipes for three delicious holiday cocktails and snack pairings.


This set features three nut butter selections from Shannon Healy, master bartender and owner of downtown Durham cocktail bar and restaurant Alley Twenty-Six. Healy's creative and curative approach shines through each facet of Alley Twenty-Six, where the rotating menu celebrates fresh, local ingredients in food, drink, and their line of house-made shrubs, syrups, and tinctures - Behind the Stick Provisions. We’re honored to feature Healy’s curated nut butter trio as the first in our Tastemaker series. 


Each gift set includes one, each, of the following: 


13oz Jar of Maple Cinnamon Peanut & Pecan Butter 

13oz Jar of Fiji Ginger Almond Butter 

13oz Jar of Lemon Coconut Cashew Butter 

5oz Bottle of Alley Twenty-Six Pomegranate Grenadine Syrup 

5oz Bottle of Alley Twenty-Six Ginger Syrup 

5oz Bottle of Alley Twenty-Six Cranberry Syrup 

+ Exclusive recipes for three craft cocktails and recommended nut butter pairings