Gift Spotlight - Honey Lovers Gift Set

Hand scooping honey from a jar


This holiday season, there's no sweeter gift for your loved ones than our Honey Lovers Gift Set. This gift set celebrates our favorite pollinator, the honeybee, in the form of three delectable products. Featuring our flagship Peanut Butter with Wildflower Honey, Almond Butter with Wildflower Honey, and a jar of Southern Wildflower Honey from our pals at Apis Mercantile, this set is sure to be the star of any pantry it graces.


We're proud to partner with Apis Mercantile, an apiary and honey collaborative from Charleston, South Carolina, to offer this gift set. Apis Mercantile was founded by friends and former college roommates, Liam Becker and John Berdux. Years after finding solace in their mutually discovered hobby and passion for beekeeping through creating a small backyard apiary, the pair started Apis Mercantile with the mission of sharing their love of bees, the multifaceted gorgeous honey they produce, and sustainable production/sourcing practices. We love highlighting likeminded producers like them any way we can—especially when the product is as incredible as their honey.


You can learn more about Apis Mercantile here, or grab this mouthwatering Gift Set for your favorite Honey Lover here!

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