INTRODUCING: Sweet Heat and Lemon Cookie

Juliet famously asked, “What’s in a name?”  

As it turns out, quite a bit! For food products, names should give people the clearest sense of what’s behind the label or inside the jar. We’ve always aimed to name our products with as much straightforward specificity as possible so that our customers know what to expect. 

Over the past few years, we’ve gotten the clear message that a couple of our nut butters could have names that better reflect their tastes and textures. With all this in mind, we’re excited to announce that we are updating the names of two of our core, year-round nut butters.  

  • Lemon Coconut Cashew Butter is now LEMON COOKIE Cashew &
    Coconut Butter. This nut butter has always tasted like spreadable lemon cookies in a jar, and the previous name did not do it justice. 
  • Hot Mamba Peanut Butter is now SWEET HEAT Peanut Butter. We’ll always celebrate the connection to the Haitian Creole tradition of mamba, or spicy peanut butter, but the use of Mamba in the name didn’t adequately represent its perfect balance of sweetness and heat, akin to hot honey or pepper jelly. 

If you know and love Lemon Coconut Cashew Butter and/or Hot Mamba, rest assured that these are name changes only. These are the same recipes but in cool new labels that better fit their personalities.  

We hope you agree that the new names are both more fun and more accurate. Jars with these new names are already shipping, so you might have already received the new packaging and printed insert explaining the change. Either way, please let us know of any questions about the changes.

Thank you for your support!


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