Staff Picks Trio of nut butter jars with box

Staff Picks Seasonal Nut Butter Trio

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Here at Big Spoon Roasters, we’re passionate about a few things—great food, preserving our planet, and perhaps most importantly, the good people behind it all. Lucky for us, our team is full of amazing individuals that make the magic happen every day, and we can’t think of any better way to share more about them than through their favorite nut butters. 


This season’s Staff Picks Trio is curated by our Warehouse and Fulfillment Lead, Derek Johnson. Derek has been with Big Spoon for nearly two years and is the lifeblood of our shipping and fulfillment department. Whether he’s checking in our incredible ingredients, packaging each order with expertise, processing and wrapping pallets to send to our retail partners, or so much more, Derek welcomes each day and new challenge thrown his way with humor, insight, and creativity. His quick wit, great taste in music, and intention make Big Spoon so much better, and we couldn’t be more glad to have him on our team! 


Each of Derek’s Trios includes one 13oz jar, each, of the following nut butters (his words about each in italics): 


These nut butters are life-changing, and I want to change your life. All three will make you stop mid-bite and question what’s possible and what’s real. Enjoy each individually or eat all three at once—the combination reminds me of afternoon “Kaffee and Kuchen” from my time living in Germany. 


Carrot Cake Almond & Walnut Butter 

Carrot Cake is world changing. So fluffy and flavorful, you won’t believe your own tastebuds. I’m lucky and first got to sample it warm, fresh from the mixer—nothing beats some warm Carrot Cake. 


Espresso Almond Butter 

For all the coffee lovers out there, this hits the spot. Rounded out with hazelnut, vanilla, and cinnamon—it’s exactly what you want it to be.  


Maple Cinnamon Peanut & Pecan Butter 

When you eat this for the first time, you have one of those rare experiences where you think, “Of course this is amazing—why has Maple Cinnamon nut butter not always been a thing? And why didn’t I think of it?” 


Derek's favorite part of working at Big Spoon (aside from our snack-stocked break room) is working for a company that lives out its values—our mission, quality ingredients, and sustainable practices are integral to every step of every day. “We’re constantly coming up with ways to improve in every area,” said Derek. “Sometimes companies are all bark and no bite—but just take a bite of our products and taste for yourself.” 


When he’s not at work, Derek loves trying new things—mostly working on new creative projects, from painting to writing, and creating anything with his hands. According to Derek, he may have some exciting projects in the works—but overall, he doesn’t think too far in the future. He’s just happy to be here now and we’re happy he is, too! 


We’re so thankful for Derek and everyone who makes Big Spoon, Big Spoon. Keep up with us on Instagram to learn more about Derek and the rest of our team.