13oz jars of Carrot Cake, Chai Spice, and Peanut Pecan
A man in a grey hoodie and denim pants holding a boombox on his left shoulder in a shipping warehouse
  • A man in a grey hoodie and denim pants holding a boombox on his left shoulder in a shipping warehouse

Staff Picks Seasonal Nut Butter Trio

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At Big Spoon Roasters, we’re passionate about a few things—great food, preserving our planet, and perhaps most importantly, the good people behind it all. Lucky for us, our team is full of amazing individuals that make the magic happen every day, and we can’t think of any better way to share more about them than through their favorite nut butters.   


Our 2024 Spring/Summer Staff Trio was curated by our Warehouse & Fulfillment Co-Lead, Will! Working with the fulfillment team, Will is responsible for packing and shipping every package so that it arrives safely to you.

As someone who ships our nut butters every day, he’s excited to share with you his top three picks for this season.


Will’s Staff Picks Trio contains one 13oz jar of the following nut butters (his words about each in italics): 

Peanut and Pecan Butter with Wildflower Honey

Peanut Pecan is the perfect, versatile spread regardless of the occasion. There’s a subtle sweetness from the wildflower honey combined with the crunch of Jacobsen Sea Salt that’s really appealing.


Carrot Cake Almond & Walnut Butter

If you haven’t tried Carrot Cake in our Stuffed Dates recipe, it’s awesome! Seriously, I can’t have a jar of Carrot Cake Almond & Walnut Butter without making a batch of these dates. It’s like they’re meant to be together.


Chai Spice Peanut & Almond Butter

My favorite part of our Chai Spice nut butter is that unmistakable cinnamon-y kick that lingers after each spoonful. One of my favorite uses of it is to spread it on celery and top with raisins for an after-work snack!


More about Will:  
Will joined the Big Spoon Roasters team in February of 2023 and notes that, “Once I tried our nut butters, it opened up a whole palate that I didn’t know that I had. Needless to say, I’m never going back to ‘regular’ peanut butter again!"

Born in New York and raised in North Carolina, he is also passionate about computer science and coding. He spends his free time teaching himself coding and contributing to small web project for various companies (including Big Spoon Roasters) as well as both listening to and creating music.

Will says the best part of working at Big Spoon Roasters is the team. After immediately resonating with the company values, it was the people that really drew him in and motivated him to want to be the best he could be in the role. He also appreciates the open-minded culture at Big Spoon where everyone is encouraged to bring ideas to the table.


Will brings a fun and playful energy to her work every day, and we are so grateful for how he is always seeking ways to make work fun and processes better. Will is so creative. We love the ideas he brings to the table!” says Janet, our Quality & Training Lead. He really is such a bright light at our headquarters, and we couldn’t imagine our team without him!