Anything is Everything

 Mark over a baking sheet of almonds

Whatever is rightly done, however humble, is noble. (Quidvis recte factum quamvis humile praeclarum.) —Sir Henry Royce


We paraphrase Sir Henry’s words as, “how we do anything is how we do everything,” which a wise friend once remarked in a discussion about the hallmarks of success in any context. We think that this is a pretty good way to go about, well, anything and everything. It might not always seem like the case, but everything we do matters in terms of the end experience of our customers, and so a dedication to quality drives every facet of our jobs.


Whether it’s sweeping a floor, roasting a pan of nuts, taping up a box, or interacting with one of our customers over the phone, every action we take is a chance to do and be our best. We hope that comes across in not only how the food we make tastes, but also in how our custom glass jars feel in your hands, how the information is presented on our website, and in any other ways our work might touch your lives. Feedback on how we're doing is not only welcome, it's encouraged, so please send it to info@bigspoonroasters.com - thanks!


Cheers, Mark

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