April 2023 Community Blend Partner - PORCH Durham

Community blend jars

Environmental and social sustainability are core values at Big Spoon Roasters, and we work toward zero-waste operations as a rule. Our Community Blend program is one example of how our environmental and social values often overlap, and it is extremely close to our hearts. 

Here’s a little info about how it works:  

At the beginning and end of each nut butter batch we make, there’s a small amount of excess nut butter. Rather than write it off as food waste, we jar that excess nut butter strategically, combining recipes that pair well together into delicious nut butters we call Community Blends.
In the case of this Peanut Pecan Butter and Chocolate Sea Salt Almond Butter Community Blend jar, not only is this pairing delicious – it is strikingly beautiful as well!  

Since each jar’s combination of recipes is one-of-a-kind, our Community Blend jars cannot be sold. They can, however, be donated to those in need. That’s where our amazing community partners come in! ⁠ 

In April, we donated 82 Community Blend jars to PORCH-Durham, whose mission is to provide supplemental food to children and families facing hunger in Durham County. PORCH-Durham programs are designed to deliver foods and funds directly to locations where families are already receiving services to help eliminate access barriers.

Learn more about PORCH Durham here, and be sure to give them a follow at @porchdurham!

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