Inspired to Innovate

Each day provides its own gifts  -Marcus Aurelius 

Archaeology tells us that humans have been eating nuts for at least 780,000 years. In fact, some of the oldest human-fashioned tools ever discovered are thought to have been stones used to crack open nuts. Prehistoric nutshell fragments have also been discovered around the remains of ancient fires, which were likely used for roasting, as well as staying warm. In other words, we are stewards of a very long tradition of nut cuisine.  

Even with all that history, innovation is still possible, and we release eight new nut butter concepts a year that redefine the boundaries of what nut butters can be. We are constantly inspired by the discovery of new (to us) food traditions, travel, and the craft of home cooks and professional chefs alike. Through our innovative nut butter concepts, one of our goals is to help people think of nut butters in new ways. Sure, they are great right out of the jar and spread on a piece of toast, but nut butters can also be incredibly versatile ingredients in thousands of snack, appetizer, entree, and dessert recipes. 

Four of our new nut butter concepts each year are seasonal Limited Batches, which are released in January, April, July, and October and are around for about 90 days each. Each Limited Batch represents a new-to-market concept in the world of nut butter. Our current seasonal Limited Batch, available through the end of June, is Hummingbird Cake Almond & Pecan Butter, inspired by the famous Jamaican layer cake with the same name. Thanks to the energetic support of our customers, some of our most popular Limited Batches, such as Pistachio Crunch and Lemon Cookie, have become beloved members of our permanent lineup. In other words, every time you purchase a Limited Batch nut butter, it's a "vote" for it to stick around.

The other four new recipes per year are called R&D Batches, which consist of only between 200 and 400 jars, each, and are available first-come first-served while supplies last. Sometimes they sell out in a day, sometimes in a week. Subscribing to our email and text lists is the best way to know when these R&D Batches drop. We usually release an R&D Batch each season (winter, spring, summer, and fall), as well. R&D Batches tend to be even more “out there,” unorthodox nut butter concepts. Examples have been Bananas Foster, Lemon Poppyseed, Pistachio Maple, and Fig Walnut Macaroon. Everyone who purchases an R&D Batch receives a feedback form, the answers to which help us determine if these are concepts we want to pursue. Some of our most popular R&D Batches have become Limited Batches, and so on. Our next R&D Batch will be released in early June, and we hope you’re able to try it.

If you really love a Limited Batch or R&D Batch and want to see it stick around, please let us know via! We’re listening and always grateful to hear from you. 

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