New Limited Batch: Chile Lime Mango Peanut Butter!

"And so with the sunshine and the great bursts of leaves growing on the trees, just as things grow in fast movies, I had that familiar conviction that life was beginning over again with the summer." - F. Scott Fitzgerald


jar of chile lime mango preanut butter with mango slices and peppers


When our friends at Central Market asked us about creating a nut butter for their annual Taste of the Tropics event, we had something in the works that fit the bill perfectly. We’re thrilled to introduce our spring Limited BatchChile Lime Mango Peanut Butter!


Strolling down any street in Mexico—or (thankfully) many in the United States—the sight of a rainbow umbrella-ed fruit cart signals a taste bud oasis, the ultimate refreshment on a hot summer day. We're always inspired by the cultures and flavors around us, and no one does bright, sweet heat like Mexico, especially in Fruta con Chile y Limón. Although its origin story is somewhat historically fuzzy, we couldn’t be happier that its signature flavor of chile, lime and salt is becoming more popular in our own neighborhoods.


Our founder, Mark, has dreamt of making this recipe a reality for quite some time, and we hope you love our take on it as much as we do. Celebrating the beautifully harmonious flavors of sweet tropical mango, bright lime, and spicy zing of dried chiles, our Chile Lime Mango Peanut Butter pays homage to the quintessential Mexican street food, our idea of summery perfection. We’ve incorporated mango juice powder, pure dehydrated lime juice, raw organic cane sugar, dried ancho and cayenne chiles, and flakes of Jacobsen sea salt with our always fresh-roasted, high-oleic peanut butter to create a tropical, perfectly balanced treat that’s vacation in a spoon.


We love using it to spice up a breakfast yogurt bowl, as a zesty dip for fresh fruit (time to find your friendly neighborhood fruit vendor!), or even smeared generously on toast. Chile Lime Mango Peanut Butter is the first of its kind, and only here through the end of June! Find it on our website or at Central Market’s Taste of the Tropics event from April 14-27.

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