December '22 Community Blend Donation

A person fills a nut butter jar using a funnel.


At the beginning and end of each nut butter batch, there is a tiny amount of excess nut butter. Most companies would write this off as “waste.”

We just can't do that for two reasons: 1) that nut butter is still perfectly delicious and nutritious, and 2) we have a goal of zero waste every day.
To create our Community Blend nut butters, we jar each bit of excess nut butter with harmonious recipes (Carrot Cake + Chai Spice or Toasted Coconut + Chocolate Sea Salt are two of these delicious combos) to create one-of-a-kind blends that are uniquely delicious. Each month, we donate these jars to organizations that directly combat food insecurity, and in doing so, we drastically reduce our own food waste. Reducing food waste has been one of our top priorities since day one, and we love that we get to directly partner with local organizations in support of our mission. ⁠

In December 2022, we donated 69 jars of our fresh Community Blend nut butter to our partners at PORCH Hillsborough. From there, the jars were directed to Orange Congregations in Mission


PORCH Hillsborough volunteers Lil and Bill

You may know a little bit about PORCH Hillsborough from a post we made in October, but in case you missed it, here are some details about the great work they are doing!

PORCH Hillsborough is a dynamic community of volunteers committed to fighting hunger in northern Orange County, North Carolina. Their simple, sustainable programs provide non-perishable and fresh food to children and families who need it through food drives to support the local pantry, produce deliveries to at-risk families, food distributions in underserved communities, and the purchase of healthy snacks for hungry kids in local schools. ⁠

In this photo (left), PORCH volunteers Lil & Bill are packing boxes of nonperishables to be given out in one of the PORCH’s distributions.

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