Limited Batch Series: Chocolate Chocolate Chocolate Gianduja

Chocolate Chocolate Chocolate Gianduja
"There is nothing better than a friend, unless it is a friend with chocolate." - Linda Grayson


The latest entry to our Limited Batch Series features the sacred combination of chocolate and hazelnut. Gianduja (pronounced sort of like Jon-doo-yah, as in “Jon, do yah self a favor and try this nut butter”) is a Northern Italian confection that consists of chocolate and at least 30% hazelnut paste. It comes in many forms such as bars, truffles, and of course, spreads.


Our take on this beloved tradition features intense dark chocolate and creamy Oregon hazelnuts (we can’t share the exact blend, but we use much more than 30% hazelnuts). Heirloom Mission almonds add body without overwhelming the predominant flavors of chocolate and hazelnut. The result is a luxurious, addictive spread that pays homage to its classic Italian roots while showcasing our signature coarse texture. Unlike most commercial gianduja out there, ours is 100% palm oil free and contains no refined sugars.


We love Chocolate Chocolate Chocolate Gianduja on thick toast for a luxurious breakfast, sandwiched between butter cookies for an instant dessert, or any other way we can get it into our mouths.


A note on the name Chocolate Chocolate Chocolate Gianduja We chose Chocolate Chocolate Chocolate Gianduja as a tribute to renowned pastry chef and restaurateur, Karen Barker, who passed away this year. In addition to being a kind supporter of Big Spoon Roasters since our first farmers’ market days, Karen was a world-renowned, brilliant baker who had a knack for creating menus and using language to illuminate her dishes. She had a cake on the menu at Magnolia Grill, the legendary restaurant she owned here in Durham with her husband, chef Ben Barker, inspired by the Blackout Cake from her neighborhood bakery growing up in Brooklyn. When she introduced it on the restaurant menu as Blackout Cake, it sold very poorly. So, Karen changed the name to Chocolate Chocolate Chocolate Blackout Cake, and it became their best seller. The cake, like Karen, was a timeless classic.

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