đŸ€Ż The debut of the world's CRUNCHIEST peanut butter

Our new Crunchy Peanut Butter is the crunchiest peanut butter on the planet! How do we know? Because it’s the first to combine the incomparable crunch of Hubs Peanuts’ Virginia-variety peanuts with the scrumptious roastiness and smooth texture of our directly sourced High Oleic Cordoban Runner peanuts. Blended with touches of fresh sorghum syrup and Jacobsen sea salt, this innovative approach to an American classic might be the most addictive recipe we’ve ever created. A spoon pulls crunchy peanut butter out of a Big Spoon Roasters Crunchy Peanut jar. The background is bright blue and there are shelled peanuts on the ground.

Since its debut in 1932, the approach to making crunchy peanut butter hasn’t changed much - until now. Traditionally, crunchy peanut pieces and halves are blended into a finely ground peanut butter base. In every crunchy peanut butter we’ve seen, the same variety of peanut is used for both the “crunch” and the base.


While there are so many delicious examples of this method, we thought it could be better. We asked, “Why not choose the world’s crunchiest peanut variety for the ‘crunch’ and the best peanut for ground peanut butter as the base?” It’s a simple question with a delicious answer.

A stack of crunchy peanut butter sandwiches is piled high on a white plate against a bright blue backdrop. A jar of Crunchy Peanut is to the left, there is a spoon with crunchy peanut butter on it in the foreground, and shelled peanuts are scattered about.

On top of innovating the recipe, we sourced our CRUNCH from the third-generation master peanut roasters at Hubs Peanuts. And, we promise, you'll taste those years of experience in this elevated pantry staple. 


But even that's not all! We're also featuring Crunchy Peanut in this month's PB & J alongside Blake Hill's Naked Chocolate Cherry spread. Pairing these two products together is an indulgent, delicious, and texturally satisfying experience! 

A close-up of two pieces of toast piled high with nut butter and jam on a white plate.

However you try our new Crunchy Peanut Butter, you are sure to love it! We look forward to hearing your extra loud crunching all the way from our new Hillsborough HQ! :) 

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